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During the last couple of months the listing of webpages by search engines has become more and more irritating. One of the reasons might be java applets disturbing evaluation of a page's contents. Namely sites dealing with the great American SF author Robert A. Heinlein are inappropriately listed. Robert A. Heinlein was the first author to receive the Grandmaster Award by The Science Fiction Writers Association (SFWA).

Read about his military career with the Navy, his approach to Science Fiction in the later'30s, his short-fiction works. Robert A. Heinlein's novels, and, something very special, his juvenile novels, laid the foundation to his fame. In 1997 a major motion picture, Starship Troopers by Paul Verhoeven, was based upon a Robert A. Heinlein novel. Even Heinlein's non-fiction oeuvre is worth reading.

An overall comprehensive view on the life and works of Robert A. Heinlein is to be found on the Robert A. Heinlein Page. You'll find details about his life (Robert A. Heinlein Timeline), his novels, his juvenile novels, his short fiction, even Heinlein's non-fiction works.

At the bottom af the Robert A . Heinlein Page, mentioned above, you'll find links leading to more interesting Heinlein sites on the Web. At this place here, you'll find a selection of the most important Robert A. Heinlein monuments.

The Robert A. Heinlein Page(general information, biography, works, recent developments-pleasant graphic layout.

Robert A. Heinlein threads.

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Legendary Science Fiction: Robert A. Heinlein (biography, works, general information, links, etc.)

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Linköping Science Fiction Archive: Heinlein, Robert A (older material, profound information nevertheless)

Robert A. Heinlein and Mark Twain- a critical comparison 

In German: Die Robert A. Heinlein Seite

In French: La Page de Robert A. Heinlein

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